Nemodrive brings together a group of motivated researchers with the required resources and support to build a self-driving car that will be tested on the UPB campus streets. The prototype will be developed to tackle the particularities of campus and other local roads. In this context, some of the most recurring challenges of self-driving cars will be empirically put to test, in a small scale, un-controlled environment.

Nemodrive is founded on a desire that drives both it’s theoretical as well as empirical aspirations: to continuously grow the interest in and understanding of machine learning. We have gathered all the necessary pieces and put them together: Electric Logan, Lidar, Cameras, Radars, compute resources and other. We believe that Level 4 driving autonomy is just a few learning algorithms away now.


  • A self-driving prototype on the UPB campus alleys
  • A decent dataset locally collected (capture particularities of campus traffic and road network)
  • A durable research team motivated by achieved goals
  • A growing and continuous interest in self-driving cars in UPB / Romania